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58. Genae Gerardi

I don’t really know much about Genae, except she’s supposedly an internet star of sorts and she’s a pretty sweet player what I consider to be the West’s most up-and-coming and underrated team, the UNC Griffins. She was really nice, as well as the rest of the Griffins, when we first visited them in Colorado for what was the first Colorado interstate Quidditch tournament. And I’ll say, the tournament was a blast. The tournament pretty much wouldn’t have happened without the Griffins, and Genae is a big part of the Griffins in my mind. She’s a great player and she is, to me, an iconic part of their team. I respect the Griffins a lot, whether or not they end up being in the best region (the West, obviously) or end up being part of the Children of the Norm in the Midwest (only joking, I love the Midwest). That being said, much love to Quidditch fans and players everywhere, especially you, Genae and the UNC Griffins.

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